Our 8 Key Values


We believe that our clients have the right to know our internal investment strategy and the steps we take to reach their investment objectives.


We believe in doing what we say, and behaving in a manner that is congruent with our stated values. We do not believe in unforeseen surprises for our clients.


VAM prides itself on researching and analyzing our own data and coming to an independent investment decision. That decision may be at odds with conventional wisdom, but we believe that contrarian thinking leads to investment opportunities often overlooked by others.


We value interaction with our clients and take pride in being extremely responsive to their individual needs. We work with investors to craft an investment plan that suites their short and long term objectives.

Effective and Honest Communication

Client communication is invaluable because investing is a process, with unforeseen ups and downs. Effective and honest communication about our funds performance, and any corrective action that may be needed, is done on a continuous and ongoing basis.


The managers of VAM invest their capital alongside that of their clients, creating aligned incentives throughout each fund.


VAM will not stray out of its areas of expertise when executing its investment strategies. But we are open to gaining new core competencies as opportunities arise in different sectors and industries.

Conservative Risk Management

VAM understands the limits of human intelligence and our lack of infallibility, therefore we take a measured approach in our investments. We believe that steady, consistent, positive returns over the long term preserve and create investor wealth while minimizing downside risk.