Shelter In The Storm Of Volatility

Volatility is poison for creating and growing wealth, and the markets have been a sea of uncertainty since the beginning of the year.

The stock market roller coaster has left many investors nauseous and stressed from uncertainty – especially potential retirees depending on their 401(k) ‘s for retirement but watching their values erode.

Smart investors avoid volatility because volatility doesn’t fit into their equation for building wealth.

While the average investor rides the sea of volatility in the hopes of timing the market to make a profit, smart investors know this is a fool’s game because there are far too many market drivers that determine the price of stocks that are completely out of an investor’s control and sophisticated investors are all about control.

The market is currently on a 5-day sell-off, triggered by the Fed’s latest comments on inflation. Fed Chair Jerome Powell has promised ‘forceful and rapid’ action on inflation, which likely means more aggressive rate hikes and slowing the economy. This week’s sell-off results from the Fed’s comments, but there’s always something to set the markets off.

This summer alone, multiple market drivers have contributed to market jitters. Inflation has been at the forefront, with investors nervous about recession arising from a potential slowdown in economic growth in the wake of the Fed’s tightening monetary policy. Monetary policy, inflation fears, and supply disruptions are only a few factors driving the markets. In our modern world, with information spread instantly, market triggers can be created and spread in cyberspace without logical ties to any underlying economic factors or fundamentals. The internet and social media are the new market forces that can turn market ripples into tsunamis.

Smart investors avoid volatile seas – preferring the shelter of alternative investments insulated from Wall Street volatility.

Smart investors are all about mitigating risk in their investments, and taking their investment performance out of the hands of the masses is the most critical move for mitigating risk.

While the average investor speculates and chases the timing game, what are smart investors focused on, and what are their objectives?

Hard Assets.

In a storm, you want to be in a structure with a firm foundation for protection.

Tangible assets like real estate and cash-flowing businesses are the types of asset ideal for sheltering portfolios against volatility. That’s because these tangible assets have intrinsic value beyond what the investing public dictates. Assets like crypto and most stocks have no underlying value, with values determined entirely by a fickle investment public. Tangible assets are largely immune to market volatility because they have intrinsic value, value insulated from market drivers, and naturally appreciate over time.

Passive Income.

Tangible assets that appreciate over time and generate passive income are the key to insulating wealth from storms. Passive income will allow you to cut the umbilical cord of your day job.

When passive income can independently cover all your expenses and needs, you no longer need your job and feel financially free. When you reach that milestone, you never have to worry about the state of the broader markets again.

Passive income lets you put wealth building on autopilot. By leveraging the expertise of others, passive income can be generated 24-7 and can be reinvested to create additional income streams to compound wealth.


Smart investors prefer illiquid investments because assets with long lockup periods are insulated from the herd and protect investors from rash actions. In addition, illiquidity is beneficial because:

  • Time allows the asset to mature and maximize efficiency; and
  • Time allows the investor to profit from the compounding effects of reinvestment of cash flow along with underlying appreciation.

Tax Benefits.

Tax benefits, intrinsic appreciation, and cash flow distinguish private alternatives like real estate and cash-flowing businesses from stocks.

For smart investors, saving a dollar in taxes is just as valuable as adding another dollar in revenue. Private investments structured as partnerships offer multiple tax benefits that stocks don’t, including deductions, depreciation, and avoidance of self-employment taxes.

Set your sights on calmer waters to shelter from the current sea of volatility.

Seek shelter in alternative assets insulated from market volatility, inflation, recession, and irrational market driers. Seek tangible assets with intrinsic value to multiply wealth through passive income, appreciation, and tax benefits.