Key Principal




Mr. Tait is a co-founder and Managing Member of Vernonville LLC. He oversees the company’s acquisitions and business-development activities. He also directs Vernonville’s overall investment strategy. Since 2008, Eric has analyzed, purchased, repositioned, managed, and developed income-producing investment projects both domestically and internationally. Vernonville Asset Management originated to provide HWNI and foreign investors access to private and alternatives investments with the objectives to provide capital preservation, tax benefits, and passive income.  

In addition to Vernonville, he co-founded Urban Capital Network. UCN originated to provide access to early-stage investment opportunities available to everyone. Typically, these private investments are reserved for a small group of elite investors. With UCN, everyone can invest in these startups that are vetted and qualified by the team.

Eric is also President of Pinnacle Physician Management Organization, a Medicare Advantage partnership with Universal American Corp that has generated over $25 million in revenue since 2009. 

Eric is a highly-sought after speaker by organizations and events across the United States. His investment insight and forecast are in demand as a podcast guest, presenter at private events, and physician conferences.

Eric received his M.B.A. in entrepreneurship from Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management at Rice University as well as his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine. Eric is a physician in Internal medicine in a private practice in Houston, Texas.