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Acquisition model

Vernonville Asset Management has relationships with high volume REO agents, bank asset managers, wholesalers and other investors in the local Houston area. These relationships allow for less competition and better pricing on already depressed assets.

Turn key repositioning

One of our advisors is head of our asset repositioning.  We have a 3 week or less timeline after acquisition for assets to be back on line producing returns.

Economies of Scale

Allows for deeper discounts from our vendors for all of our services, whereby we can decrease our cost structure thereby allowing us to give our investment clients higher returns.

Aggressive marketing

The focus on acquisition day is to have a prospective tenant pre-leased and waiting for the property to be finished as opposed to marketing for prospective tenants once the asset has been completely repositioned. The difference creates an acquisition to reposition cycle of less than 30 days which allows our investors to begin receiving returns almost immediately from their investment, this minimizes the “dead equity” time that often accompanies private investing.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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