New Investment Opportunity from Vernonville

Invest to Preserve Capital

Sticky Tenants

Sticky in-place tenancy generates consistent cash flow with a carefully curated rent roll catering to surrounding demographics

Densely Populated Submarket

Unique assets located in Houston’s most densely populated submarket, boasting 226,904 residents in a 3 mile radius.

Income Diversity

Strong Diversity of Income - no single tenant is responsible for more than 20% of total income across both properties

Below Market Rents

Below market rents: Immediate Value Creation through pushing in-place rents and vacancy lease- up (Only 3 Options across both shopping centers)

City-Wide Connectivity

Located on the corner of South Gessner Road (30,906 VPD) & Westpark Drive (48,132)with direct access to the Westpark Tollway creating connectivity to the entire MSA

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