Unprecedented Access to Private Investments for Above Market Returns and Less Volatility

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Private Investments

Vernonville Asset Management was born out of a need to create a simple and easy way for us to invest directly in companies and receive a steady source of positive returns from our investments. We created Vernonville Asset Management to give our clients three things:

Principal Protection

All of our investments have little to no correlation to Wall Street or the World Markets. Many use this asset class to hedge against inflation and volatility.

Steady Returns

Our target returns are above-average due to our careful selection of investments and our streamlined operations. Our annualized returns typically range from 8% to 20%.

Alternative Asset Class Exposure

Many investors will never have the opportunity to participate in these asset classes as an individual investor. Join other HNW investors by investing as a group to leverage your investing power.


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Accelerate your portfolio, protect your wealth, and establish your legacy with a team of leading private investment professionals. 




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