Crossing your fingers is not an investment strategy.

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Creating and Preserving Investor Wealth through Alternative Investments

VAM is a private investment firm created to provide investors the opportunity to invest in real assets. Our focus is creating and maintaining investor wealth through alternative investment strategies. Returns are generated for our clients by directly investing in companies & development teams with a proven track record of profitable operations along with experienced management.

What is your Personal Investment Philosophy?

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There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.

Charles Kettering

Alternative Investments?

For VAM, alternative investments are assets that can be purchased that generate returns that have little to no correlation with events that occur on Wall Street. These are real assets whose value does not rise and fall…

Investor or Spectator?

Our investment philosophy revolves around three simple rules that generate positive returns for our clients. Read more about our philosophy and ask yourself, “Am I an investor or a spectator?”

Why It Started

Vernonville Asset Management was born out of a need to create a simple and easy way for us to directly invest in companies and receive a steady source of positive returns from our investments.